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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast & For More Money!

These simple 10 tips come from years of experience working with buyer and sellers. Understanding what buyers want is key to getting your home sold faster and for more money and who doesn't want that? These tips will make a big difference in getting this done and could very well be the difference of a buyer choosing your home over the others on the market! Most everything discussed here you can do yourself and will cost very little if nothing at all.

#1 First Impressions DO Count

especially when selling your home and the Front Door to the home is what can get your buyer excited to see inside, so use this to your advantage! While the buyers agent is getting the lock box open to grab the key, your buyers are just standing there waiting to get inside. Having your front door spruced up can make a HUGE impact!

*Pressure wash the exterior front entrance *Pressure wash or paint the front door. 

*Hang a wreath to match the season.

*Remove any entrance clutter that may be around including pets/kids toys.

*Add a new Welcome Mat

*Add a few plants or flowers

*ALWAYS be sure the front door locks open with ease and the front door doesn't squeak when opening.


#2 Speaking of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can really go a long way! If exterior painting is out of the budget, consider renting a pressure washer or hiring a local company to come and pressure wash your exterior, driveway, decks, fence. This will make the outside of the house sparkle and look brand new!


#3 Aghhh, the smell of grass...

Be sure your yard looks nice and tidy. A fresh cut lawn gives the home that manicured "taken care" of effect and feeling to buyers. Be sure to keep the lawn looking great throughout the entire time until your home sells.


#4 When first walking in

is just as important as the front door, is the foyer area and also part of that "first impression". If painting the entire interior of the home either professionally or with a group of friends is out of budget, and if your entry is not open to another large area of the home, consider painting just the entry a neutral color. TIP: The hottest paint color in 2020 for neutral is in the grey family. So, if you paint the entry or the entire home, keep this tip in mind keeping it all ONE neutral color, this will give your home a nice & fresh look and will also have that good "just painted smell".


#5 Time to Deep Clean!

If its out of the budget to hire someone to come in and deep clean your home, that's ok - you can do it yourself. Remember, you have lived in the home, so you don't see things the way a buyer may see them. A clean home gives that "ready to move in" condition to your future buyer, which is really important. When deep cleaning, you want to focus on the items not cleaned everyday such as: kitchen appliances, cabinets, blinds, all knobs, ceiling fans, baseboards, doors, bathroom cabinets, and trim. TIP: You can usually wipe down doors, cabinets and trim using magic erasers and they come out looking like they were just painted! In the areas of your home that have carpet, make sure to have the carpet cleaned if not replacing it.


#6 Lets get organized!

This will help your home sell and it will save some time for you when you get ready to move to your next home. When organizing, go through the kitchen drawers and all kitchen cabinets - pack up the items you don't use everyday, and start scaling down. Remove all small kitchen appliances not used everyday so the counter space looks larger. Remove all of your personal photos and notes from the fridge, so your buyer can envision their own family photos there.

TIP: Having a keep, donate and trash pile can really help streamline this process. Repeat this process for your bathroom cabinets, hall closets, garage/storage area as well as your clothes closet. With your clothes closet, make sure the floor is clear and consider hanging your clothes with matching hangers - this gives the effect that the closet is much larger in size and what buyer does not like that!


#7 Move out the clutter!

Going along with getting organized and If storage or a pod is out of the budget, and you have an overwhelming amount of "things" you have accumulated over the years, designate one area in the home you can neatly stack storage boxes/bins to store these items (such as the garage) until you move. Consider having a yard sale or donate the unwanted items to local charity. TIP: The salvation army will come and pick the items up and you can schedule the pickup online at their website here. Everything in 6 & 7 will not only help you sell your home for more money but will help you when its time to move and you will be glad you did it! TIP: You don't need to overwhelm yourself with these task, simply write out the areas to target and plan to spend 1 hour a day doing these items, they will be done before you know it.


#8 Re-caulking where needed.

Now that your areas are painted, cleaned and organized lets look at re-caulking areas where needed, such as in the bathroom, kitchen or grout areas.


#9 Light Scent

What you smell may not be the same thing a buyer smells in your home. Having a few plug-ins or wax warmers never hurt, make sure its not too overpowering but enough to make a difference.


#10 Pre-Listing Inspection

I know your thinking, I thought the buyers are to get the inspection – Yes, generally 99% of the time the buyer will get a home inspection and they may still get an inspection after your pre-listing inspection, but having an inspection done before you put your home on the market can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.

For example, lets say you have a great buyer and they order an inspection and it comes back with items you thought were fine? Well, your now under the gun to make a decision QUICK and making decision quick, can cost you. You may spend a lot of money getting it fixed or be asked to reduce the sales price so the buyer can fix it after closing, if your buyer does not just walk away all together. In any case, I always suggest when selling a home to have a pre-listing inspection, the $300-$500 investment will save you that time and money in the long run. Having the inspection done upfront, you can go ahead and make the necessary repairs as needed or price the home according to the findings and have your agent let buyers know upfront of these items that are not willing to be done by you or what items you have taken care of from the inspection. Also, having the inspection available upfront may have a buyer accept that inspection and waive their inspection contingency all together putting you one step closer to closing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these 10 tips will help you when selling your next home! My goal is to help you achieve all of your goals in life & in real estate. Be sure to check out my other blogs and resources to help you, or please share this content with someone if you think it could help them. Until the next one, stay blessed!

Melissa English is a Real Estate Agent and Investor in the North Georgia market with hundreds of closed transactions and nearly a decade of experience in real

estate. She is also the founder of - a real estate investing company that specializes in purchasing property offering quick closings in as-is condition.